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Energy for YOU - my motto here at Mani Pura stands for all who want to recharge their batteries. Relax, dream, recover, rest, feel good, switch off, find balance ... These thoughts appeal to you? Then take a look at my complete range of services, consisting of massages, spine alignment and Hangab!

"Massage means to touch the soul through the body."

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I chose the name Mani Pura for two reasons:  First because it refers to the solar plexus Chakra, the center of gravity in the middle of the body that is responsible for our energy boost. And second because it's the pure hands alone (lat. mani) that know how to give energy and how to take energy away. It is important to restore balance and to mobilize the body's forces. The body immediately responds to gentle strokes by releasing happiness hormones and lowering the production of stress hormones. The rate of breathing slows down, the muscles relax and the immune system benefits as well from these touches. Even the brain is in a different physiological state during and after a treatment. Try it out. You will feel how consciously your body is able to react. I would like to help you by contributing to your relaxation with my massage and by energetically supporting your body. 


“Massage is not only effective prevention, it is one of the oldest healing methods in the world.” 

By the way...

I let energy flow not only during my massages but also during the alignment of the spine. This is a purely energetic method, which of course does not replace medical treatment or medical therapy. However, it works within seconds and demonstrably improves the overall condition without any side effects. No diagnosis is made and the body remains untouched - therefore it is also possible from a distance. Give it a try!


For all those who are still looking for a very special wellness experience, I am offering NEW HANGAB sessions from October 2021: free-floating, perceiving the world and one's own life from a completely different perspective is just as relaxing as the feeling of absolute body stretching. Be sure to try it out! 

Just hanging out for a while can be so nice.

Do as the sloth does and hang your head!

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