Spine Alignment

A completely different approach to health issues -  with guaranteed success!


Back pain, scoliosis, migraine, tension, joint problems and many organ symptoms originate in the spine. In almost all people, the spine is no longer straight, but shifted or twisted - also clearly visible in different shoulder heights, leg length differences and pelvic obliquity. Not only malpositions on a physical level, but also blockages and emotional disharmony are inevitable consequences. This can be worked on by energetically straightening your spine - I don't need to touch you or know you better to do this. Here I offer you a purely energetic method.


Once the spine is straightened, further powerful regeneration and self-healing processes can be initiated. These may still be felt in the first few days or weeks, in a variety of ways, as the body is now working through issues from the past. The straightening is therefore the most important help for unknown complaints of any kind, and it is quick and painless - in this wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime process only energy is effective. Sounds much too good to be true? 


Then convince yourself and experience what more than 500,000 people have already experienced before you: a straight pelvis, adapted shoulder blades, balanced leg lengths and a straight, erect spine. Body, mind and soul once again form a harmonious unit, and you will notice this immediately.


Uprighting is possible for all people. Pregnant women, in particular, can do something good for their unborn baby by being uplifted before birth - the baby can thus see the light of day uplifted, without the parents' old baggage.


Spine Alignment from a distance

Especially in times when not everything is possible as usual, this is a practical way of getting helped while staying at home. A photo of you and your date of birth as well as availability by phone at a previously agreed appointment and your spine can be straightened from a distance.


Individual Spine Alignment at Mani-Pura

You have already heard about it or even know someone who has already experienced the spine alignment? Then you are cordially invited to come to me during the usual opening hours with an appointment and experience the miracle on site. You are welcome to bring one more person to watch the whole thing and also to take photos.


Spine Alignment in group

You are curious but still sceptical and don't really trust the whole thing? No problem, the mind wants proofs and it is happy to get them. First of all, just be the spectator at the next group event and experience the erection with others. If you are interested, simply contact me via the contact form - you will then be notified as soon as group events take place again.


Price p. p. 180 CHF

Leg length before and after straightening - balanced in seconds

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