Turn your world upside down and let go of everything that no longer belongs to you!


Hangab - what is that?

  • A unique method in which the body is slowly brought into the inverted position by the feet with the help of a rope hoist, i.e. pulled upside down in small steps until it hangs freely.
  • Using various pulling techniques, twisting and swinging movements as well as massage holds, the body is put into a pleasant relaxation with the aim of complete release on all levels
  • There are 2 variations: Hangab-Ground (upper body and head remain on the floor) and Hangab-Pure (free hanging).

Hangab - what can it do?


On a physical level: 

  • Complete stretching of the spine, neck, shoulder, back, buttocks and leg muscles.
  • Regeneration of the intervertebral discs (as well as up to 3cm more body height)
  • Relief of organs and joints
  • Harmonisation of blood pressure
  • Balancing of the cerebral hemispheres
  • Activation of the self-healing powers

 On a spiritual level:

  • Release of old habits, behaviour patterns, injuries, traumas (from accidents, assaults)
  • Release of long pent-up emotions such as anger and grief
  • Strengthening self-confidence and one's own potential
  • Change of perception
  • Change of perspective
  • Support for a harmonious flow of energy

People with increased intraocular pressure, pregnant women and women during menstruation are advised not to use Hangab.



  • Comfortable clothing
  • Thick long socks, e.g. ski socks
  • Trousers with elastic waistband so that the top can be tucked in
  • Women are best not to wear a bra, as the thoracic spine is treated at the back
  • Wear hair loose if possible
  • Do not eat anything for at least two hours before the session

Course of a typical Hangab-session

  1. Preliminary discussion and clarifications
  2. Positioning and application of the ankle cuffs
  3. Lifting in stages with various treatments
  4. Suspended state (only with Hangab-Pure)
  5. Lowering in stages
  6. Removal of the ankle cuffs
  7. Resting
  8. Debriefing

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I could be.

When I let go of what I have, I get what I need."

(Lao Tse)


Duration: about 1,5 - 2 hours

Price: 190 CHF


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