Classical Partial or Full Body Massage

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(back, shoulder-neck, arms, legs)


This massage is for relaxation and can alleviate mild pains such as muscle bracing or hardening caused by deposits in the tissue. People who work long hours at a computer or laptop and therefore often have chronic problems in neck and shoulder area are recommended to seek massage regularly (3-4 times a month).  The below subscription with cost-saving benefit might be also interesting .


“To find relaxation, people have to stop thinking and start dreaming.”


Duration: 45 min / 60 min

Price: 90 CHF / 120 CHF


Subscription Classical Partial or Full Body Massage 

  • 5x 45 min 420 CHF (cost saving 30CHF)
  • 10x 45 min 800 CHF (cost saving 50 CHF)
  • 5x 60 min 550 CHF (cost saving 100 CHF)
  • 10x 60 min 1050 CHF (cost saving 150 CHF)



This is a treatment in addition to the classical massage and can be applied on request in case of hardened, sticky tissue (often in the lower back). Special cupping glasses help to produce a vacuum on the skin. Then the layers of muscle are gently moved and the tissue becomes loose.


Duration: 30 min

Price: 50 CHF 

Here you can see two cupping glasses

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