Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

This exotic full body massage, often called temple massage, has its origin in Hawaii. Letting go of the old and starting something new - a kind of cleansing ritual, is the central theme to this day. Covered only with an airy beach towel (pareo), your body is spread over a large area with palms and forearms and the fragrant coconut oil is spread over your skin. Our body, the "temple" of our soul, deserves this loving treatment. For many people, the holistic Lomi massage is the absolute queen among massages. It touches our innermost being, dissolves blockades and makes us drift away into tropical colourful worlds full of sensuality, beauty and harmony. Aloha, what are you waiting for?


"Love is a spring that flows generously"  (He Punawai Kahe wale ke Aloha)


Duration: 60 min / 90 min

Price: CHF 130 / CHF 180


Please note: Women only. As this massage involves very close contact between masseur and client, it is reserved for women. Thank you for your understanding.

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