Bamboo Massage

The bamboo massage originates from the tropical area of Asia. Bamboo symbolizes life energy, longevity and peace. That is why this massage is an integral part of my program of massage alternatives for your selection. With bamboo sticks in various sizes and diamter, the individual body parts are treated effectively. Various techniques such as rubbing, rolling, pressing and tapping relieve local tension, stimulate tissue and blood circulation. The bamboo conveys its natural energy and provides deep relaxation and an intense sense of well-being. This effect is supported by fragrant essential oil, which nourishes the skin and touches the senses. Pure enjoyment. Let yourself be carried away into the exotic world of "Bamboo"!


"Be like bamboo, sway and bend gracefully and you will never break"


Duration: 60 min

Price: 120 CHF 

Here you can see the different bamboo sticks

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