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Among the most common causes of health problems are disorders of the musculoskeletal system (chronic malposition, muscle disease, tension), often caused by long work while sitting in front of a computer screen or long periods of standing time such as at the reception desk or in sales. Sick leave costs a company a lot of money. Preventive measures such as massage can counteract this. Active health management by means of mobile massage for the workplace can be beneficial for a company and can also be used as a cost-effective PR resource. The company is positively perceived from the outside, creating trust on the part of customers, suppliers, banks and other stakeholders that are important to the success of the company. And last but not least, the motivation and satisfaction of employees can be increased through massage, a factor that should not to be underestimated that more and more companies take to heart. High-performance employees look for attractive companies that reward their work accordingly and provide them with extras. Skilled workers loss and manpower loss cost money again. Mani Pura invites you to invest in good professionals and get an offer for massage at the workplace.


“If you take care of your body, the head feels also better. “

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