Aroma-Oil Massage

An aroma-oil massage is noticed by many people to be a very intensive and soothing experience that touches all senses. Every single oil is individually mixed according to your body type to achieve the best possible, i.e. optimum effect. It is very important that you as a customer like to be involved in the preparation by describing your preferences and influencing the choice of the respective oil aromas. Please feel free to browse right here now...


Selection of essential  oils

basil/ bergamot/ birch/ blood orange/ eucalyptus/ fennel/ frangipani/ geranium/ grapefruit/ ho leaves/ ginger/ chamomile blue/ camphor/ cardamom/ lavender/ lemon grass/ bay/ manuka/ mint/ clary/ myrtle/ neroli/ orange/ peppermint/ rose/ rosemary/ tea tree/ thyme/ vanilla/ silver fir/ ylang-ylang/ cedar wood/ cinnamon/ Swiss stone pine/ lemon/ citronella grass/ cypress


Selection of carrier oils (= basic oils, that are mixed with a few drops of essential oils)

Apricot kernel oil/ argan oil/ coconut oil/ pumpkin seed oil/ linseed oil/ macadamia nut oil/ almond oil/ red oil/ sesame oil/ sunflower oil/ grape seed oil/ wheat germ oil 

Here you can see a selection of essential oils


cypress & bergamot & rosemary

When was your last holiday in the Mediterranean?

grapefruit & mint

A refreshing cocktail that sets you in a good mood

ylang-ylang & cinnamon & orange

Warming moments, a benefit  during winter season

thyme & ginger & manuka

The power trio, when a cold is approaching

cardamom & blood orange

For finding calm and relaxation when mentally exhausted

The massage itself is a soft stroking with slow and steady movements and a lot of fragrant oil on the skin, a state where you can slightly nod off or even fall asleep.  Just relax, leave everything behind and dream away – it has never been that easy.


“In the theater, sleeping may be a form of criticism, but during a massage it is the nicest compliment!” 


Duration: 50 min


  • face 110 CHF
  • hands oder feet 115 CHF              
  • back 120 CHF

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