General terms & conditions

 All services offered by Mani Pura are subject to the general terms and conditions listed below.


1 Treatment

All treatments offered by Mani Pura are intended for preventative applications and for the holistic recovery of the client. The focus is on factors such as stress reduction, relaxation, balance, well-being and regeneration. Mani Pura can accept no prescriptions for medically necessary massage treatment. The customer receives an invoice for the treatment, on request.


2 Booking

The booking of a treatment can be made by phone as well as by email or Whatsapp. It is always confirmed in writing and only then binding. Waiting list is possible if desired - if in case of cancellation an appointment becomes available on short notice, an immediate notification to the customer takes place. After confirmation on your part this reservation becomes binding.


3 Prices

The published prices include the massage performance per se in the specified time window and all related materials such as blankets, towels, pads, special pillows, oils & lotions, cupping glasses and stones. Furthermore, additional time is already included which normally consists of the consultation prior to treatment and subsequent rest. The client has enough time to enjoy the treatment with all her senses. In general, it is recommended that no important appointments be scheduled by the client after a massage treatment, so that the recreational effect can fully develop.


4 Payment

Payment is made directly after the treatment by cash payment in Swiss francs. Euros are also accepted as means of payment, whereby the customer accepts the exchange rate set by Mani Pura. As an alternative to cash payment on the day of treatment, the corresponding amount, similar to larger sums as for subscription payments, can be paid in advance by bank transfer.


5 Absence & Cancellation

If the client is unable to make a binding appointment, she is requested to inform Mani Pura as soon as possible, but not less than 24 hours before the start of treatment, so that a short-term appointment can be given another clients, who may already be on the waiting list. For cancellations less than 24 hours before the start of treatment, 100% of the treatment price will be charged as a cancellation fee; in case of non-appearance without prior cancellation the full treatment price will be charged as well.


6 Subscriptions

5x 60 min subscriptions are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

10x 60 min subscriptions are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.


7  Physical disabilities

Since a massage can have various effects on the human body, the customer is obliged to inform the masseuse about potential limitations before beginning the treatment. Worth knowing are, among others, medication, pregnancy, epilepsy, hypertension, pacemakers, intolerances, allergies, varicose veins, athlete's foot, wounds and inflammation, high-grade osteoporosis, recent operations, fractures, cancers and tumors. The masseuse is bound showing professional discretion. In individual cases, she may refuse treatment with appropriate justification of the contraindications and refer to a specialist.


8 Possible disruption

In order to achieve the best possible relaxation, customers are required to keep their mobile phone switched off during the entire treatment period and to deposit it outside the massage room. Mani Pura always tries to minimize external disturbances and maximize relaxation, but cannot guarantee that there will be absolute peace during the massage. External noises, triggered e.g. by machines, people or animals, which in rare cases can be heard in the rooms of Mani Pura, are not within her sphere of influence and must be taken for granted. If the customer feels extremely disturbed and no relaxed state is reached, it is possible postpone the treatment to a later date.


9 Liability

Treatment at Mani Pura is voluntary and at own risk. It neither replaces the doctor's advice for specific health issues nor can it guarantee a health improvement. Every body is an individual and reacts specifically. There is no claim for damages. The health masseuse works primarily on physically healthy people and can promote with her treatments the general well-being and healing processes of the body in a supportive way. However, she is not a doctor and has no authority to make diagnoses. The client receives attention and care through conversations and massages, which can have a positive effect on physical and mental well-being. The treatments are normally well tolerated. If the customer still feels unwell during or after the massage, she is requested to report it immediately. Same conditions apply to the mental alignment of the spine.

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